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THAILAND. A country that requires way more than two weeks of devoted time. The beauty and tranquility of this country is unimaginable, and I can't think of a better place to visit (yet). Aside from Thailands beauty, the food and people are something to remember. I flew into Bangkok, hung out in Ayutthaya, and flew down to Phuket. I didn't capture Bangkok's action packed environment as much as I wanted, but I have it stored in my memory. It's a busy city that is full of traffic, but equally holds many things to do. Ayutthaya's ruins are a sight to see, and is the filming location for one of Mortal Kombat's scenes. Phuket. I was in reverie. It is filled with tourist, great food, tropical vibes, and party central.

Thailand forces you leave your problems where they stand and revel in the moment. The eight dollar (hour long) massages, fresh smoothies and food, mango sticky rice, tuk-tuk rides, detailed temples, and pleasant souls was worth the 15+ hour flight. See you again soon.


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Wonderful airbnb. Click photo for details!

Lovely airbnb

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